WWE Raw 25 Fallout: Three FOUR Generations Of The $ame Gimmick? UPDATED

WWE Raw 25 Fallout.


Does Daivari Dinero formerly Ariya Daivari make this FOUR generations of the same gimmick in WWE?

The social media:

The text:

      It’s seems @AriyaDaivariWWE is very frugal with his money…Are we paying him too much? #205Live @WWE #Cruiserweight


Three Generations Of The $ame Gimmick?

WZ interviewed Ted Dibiase after Raw 25 and he revealed something I hadn’t heard before or considered.

      TD: He [JBL] told me, “Look man, I stole your character!” Of course that’s what he’s gonna say. He said, “I stole your character and I DID IT BETTER!” I think a couple of years ago at WrestleMania it was him, me and Alberto Del Rio. We all took a picture together and I tagged it, “three generations of the same gimmick.”

So we tracked down that old social media confessional.


      Three generations of one stolen gimmick! @VivaDelRio @MDMTedDiBiase #everyManHasHisPrice #OldSchoolRaw @wwe

The pic.

It all makes sense now! ?

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