Shadow of the Colossus In PSVR’s Cinematic Mode Is Breathtaking

The PS4 Shadow of the Colossus remake officially releases this week after a surprise reveal at last year’s E3 and after playing it on PSVR using the floating-screen cinematic mode, I want a VR adaptation more than ever before. Series’ creator, Fumito Ueda, has gone on record as saying he’d love to adapt Shadow of the Colossus for VR devices if the sickness concerns could be alleviated.

When playing Shadow of the Colossus in PSVR’s Cinematic Mode there isn’t head tracking, no motion controller support, and it isn’t actually VR-integrated at all. Instead, you can set the floating screen size to “large” and it will fill up your field of view. Given the right scene and angle, you can almost trick your eyes into thinking the game is surrounding you even if it doesn’t have a 3D effect.

Before Skyrim VR released I’d tried playing the “Enhanced Edition” of Skyrim on PS4 this way with great results considering it’s a first person game. After trying Shadow of the Colossus the same way, gazing up at these enormous behemoths, I’m chomping at the bit for a game like this built from the ground up for VR.

Late last year we got a VR experience for The Last Guardian (the spiritual successor to Shadow the Colossus) and it was a charming, albeit brief, tour of Trico’s world. So now just imagining the spectacle and immersion that could be employed with a real Shadow of the Colossus VR experience is exhilarating.

Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 releases this week with full 4K HDR support on PS4 Pro and dramatically improved visual fidelity across the board. Plus an amazing photo mode! Let us know your thoughts on the series down in the comments below!

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