Play Zero-G Sport ‘Echo Arena’ This Weekend on Rift For a Chance to Win Prizes – Road to VR

Oculus is heading into its third week of ‘Rift Gold Rush’, a prize-winning extravaganza marking the two-year anniversary of Rift’s launch. To get a chance to win this weekend, just pop into a public match in Echo Arena (2017) during the specific entrance window.

For a chance to win a prize, download Echo Arena and play a public match on Saturday, April 14th between 1PM and 2PM PT (local ending time here). There’s no need to win a match, just compete in a single match during that time and you’re entered to win a host of prizes.

Prizes include:

  • An Echo Arena Gold Rush achievement
  • 100 Third place winners will receive $25 Oculus Store credit
  • 25 Second place winners will receive one Rift + Touch kit in addition to $100 of Oculus Store credit
  • Two grand prize winners will receive: A Falcon PC, One Rift + Touch & a “Golden Account” – This account will give you access to over 100 of the best titles on the Oculus Store for free

Echo Arena is the multiplayer spin-off of the award-winning VR adventure Lone Echo (2017), which took home our 2017 Rift Game of the Year for not only its engaging story and polished visuals, but also its novel locomotion style that lets you use in-game objects and architecture to propel yourself into space. Echo Arena shares all this, but it definitely injects adrenaline into Lone Echo by ramping up the speed. Not to mention, it’s completely free on Oculus Home.

Echo Arena provides 5v5 private matches in a high-flying, zero-G environment that tasks you with getting the disc into your opponent’s goal. Using the game’s extremely comfortable locomotion scheme, which lets you fly at high speeds with minimal risk of nausea, you’ll glide, boost and punch your way to victory—just make sure to clear the area first, because it can get intense.

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