Fallout 5 Wishlist – Improved Graphics, Co-Op Mode, And Location

Fallout 5, the next title in the Franchise started in 1997, is already starting to draw attention even though it is hasn’t been announced, yet. Fans are dreaming about new improvements, new modes, locations, and so on. Here is the Fallout 5 wishlist containing the most wanted elements.

Fallout 4, the last establishment in the franchise, was released in 2015 and is still a very appreciated video game. However, there are some fans who would love to see more from this franchise.

Fallout 5 – Release Date And Rumors

Fallout 5 hasn’t been officially announced, yet, so there’s not much about it. Of course, there are many rumors that have emerged online.

Thus, it is said that Fallout 5 could be released in 2020, would be set in New Orleans, BattleCry Studio could be involved in the production, could have VR support, and will be powered by a new game engine.

Fallout 5 Wishlist – Improved Graphics, Co-Op Mode, And Location

Fans who have played a lot of Fallout 3 and 4 observed that some features are lacking from the franchise, therefore, they would like to see some of them implemented in Fallout 5.

Fallout 5 – Improved Graphics

Those who played both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 observed, despite the 7 years difference between the two releases, that the graphics are similar, to some extent.

Thus, Fallout 5 is expected to bring in modern graphics and will most probably comply with this fans’ request since it is set to come out in 2020.

Fallout 5 – Co-Op Mode

Being alone in the middle of a wasteland is not always enjoyable, so fans would love to have the possibility to gather with other players or even computer-controlled characters to fight against foes.

Luckily, there were some rumors in this regard and Fallout 5 might indeed have a co-op mode.

Fallout 5 – Location

Until now, all the Fallout releases were set in the US, more specifically in areas around the Mojave Desert, Southern California, and Massachusetts (Fallout 4).

The fans expect a change in terms of location for the future Fallout release and by “change” I mean a radical change. Therefore, fans would like to see that Fallout 5 will be set outside the US, maybe in Japan, the UK, or even on an exotic island.

In conclusion, Fallout 5, which could be released in 2020, would have to come out with many new changes to make every fan happy. It will be interesting to see how many fan-made requests will be introduced in the future release.

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