‘Fallout 5’ rumors: Bethesda unlikely to release game sequel until 2020


The VR gameplay version of Bethesda Softworks’ “Fallout 4” is now available.

Bethesda Softworks has launched some of the most successful game titles in the past few years. Specifically, the game studio has done a great job in improving the “Fallout” series over the year. With this, the demand for a new sequel after “Fallout 4” is getting louder, and Bethesda seems to have plans indeed to release “Fallout 5.” Unfortunately, the fans may have to wait a little longer before the next “Fallout” installment.

As of now, Bethesda has been focused on many gaming projects this year. Particularly, the studio has been working on “Fallout 4 VR,” transforming the current video game into a virtual reality environment. This is why the rumors do not support an immediate release of “Fallout 5” or not until 2020.

Another factor that will drive Bethesda to work on “Fallout 5” is the reception of the public with “Fallout 4 VR.” If the game is well-received and has raked in a lot of money for the studio, then the chances are high that Bethesda will try its best to launch a follow-up game at the soonest time possible.

It is also worth noting that the release of the previous “Fallout” titles has been rather inconsistent. The first “Fallout” game was released back in 1997, followed shortly by “Fallout 2.” For some reason, the third installment took almost 10 years before it was released.

Meanwhile, Screen Rant has provided some interesting changes that can be introduced in “Fallout 5.” Among the most popular rumors is the first-ever multiplayer gameplay in the series, which could follow “Fallout Online” by Masthead Studios and Interplay. The MMO game was then cancelled due to legal rights battle raised by Bethesda, which the studio has won. It is possible that Bethesda will develop a similar MMO gameplay for “Fallout 5,” something that was already done with “The Elder Scrolls Online.”

Lastly, it is speculated that Bethesda will finally scrap the old gaming engine used to develop the older “Fallout” titles. Further supporting the claim to overhaul the current engine is the job listings spotted this year, which are targeting Engine Programmers to “develop cutting-edge technologies.”

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