Fallout 5 Rumors and Predictions – What We Know So Far

You might have played one or two or all the games in Bethesda’s franchise, Fallout, and you loved the experience. So, of course, you want more. When’s the next game going to be released? Where will the action take place?

For a release date, our best guess would be late 2018 or 2019.


The main series of games did not have many locations available. The last 3 games were set in Washington D.C., Las Vegas & Nevada and California.

Maybe this time around we’ll see a new area in the United States, or maybe even outside of it, in Europe or Asia. Would be interesting, although unlikely.

The Main Character

Expanding on the previous idea, maybe the main character in Fallout 5 will have a reason to leave the United States. Or maybe it will not even be human!

How cool would it be to have the option to play as a synth or as a mutant? Bethesda probably won’t stray away from the classic recipe, but because of all the advanced tech in Fallout 4, like teleportation, they might be able to explain time skips to more civilization and the fast rebuilding of society.

Also what needs to be noted are the different player choices in previous games and how they affect the ending. In Fallout 4, for example, you support one of the 2 different factions: The Brotherhood or the Institute.

The Brotherhood’s goal is destroying the synths, human-like robots, technology created by the Institute. The question is, how exactly did the Institute get to create advanced technology like the synths and teleportation? That’s a huge leap from nuclear apocalypse.

This is why location and setting are important. Because of the previous game introducing futuristic tech, location is a sensible choice. Because Fallout 4 would heavily influence future games in terms of storyline.

However, a unique location is unlikely for Fallout 5. It’s always a risk to try new things, and big studios don’t take risks with their most important franchises. You’ve seen what happened with Mass Effect: Andromeda and Paragon. Bethesda needs to pick one of the multiple endings of Fallout 4 as canon and go from there, which is tough.

Will it ever get released?

Seeing as the main focus of Bethesda nowadays seems to be porting their money-makers to as many platforms as possible (e.g. TESV:Skyrim for Nintendo Switch; Fallout 4 VR and many others), it’s unlikely we will see a new game from the company in the near future.

All we know is that Bethesda confirmed a new Fallout game is in the works. Whether it’s a main series game or a spin-off, we’ve yet to see.

Tell us in the comment section down below what you think, and stay tuned for any information regarding the Fallout games!



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