Fallout 4 VR Gets More Improvements In Second Beta Update

Bethesda is still toiling away at Fallout 4 VR behind the scenes, and it’s got another update out in beta this week with yet more fixes.

Rather than add new features, this latest update continues to address the various performance hitches players have been encountering with the HTC Vive exclusive since launch late last year.
There are a large number of crash fixes as well as some solutions to rendering issues. We’ve included the full changelog below.

To access the update ahead of its full rollout (which doesn’t yet have a date) you’ll need to right click on the game on your Steam Library, click Properties, head to the Betas tab and then select Update from a drop-down menu. Don’t expect this to be the last update you see for the game; hopefully we’ll hear more about it arriving on other platforms as the year goes on.

  • Fixed occasional crash fix when saving and loading
  • Add minimum distance requirement to enter scope mode with scoped weapons
  • Fixed occasional crash when doing “take all” from bodies
  • Reverted previous patch behavior regarding trigger pull sensitivity, except in scope view
  • Fixed shadows cast by parabolic lights
  • Fixed crash with some spawned particles while looking through scopes
  • Fixed issue with stars sometimes rendering in just the left eye
  • Fixed issue with some lights rendering in just the left eye
  • Fixed scale of recon markers while in scopes
  • Fixed scopes lagging behind when comfort sneaking
  • Fixed an issue with targeting heads in VATS
  • Fixed compass orientation while in Power armor
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements
  • Deprecated Fallout4VRCustom.ini. Custom options should be placed in Fallout4Custom

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