A Respectable VR Title for Fans of the Franchise


Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Developer:  id Software

Reviewed: PlayStation VR

Bethesda has been fully committed to the VR space. HTC Vive has a fully playable Fallout 4 port and we recently received an exclusive port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PSVR. Both are insanely good in their own respective rights, but Bethesda is not done yet impressing their fans.

Late last year we also got a version of the fast-paced DOOM for VR. How does it stack up to the publisher’s other titles? Let’s find out!

iD Software managed to bring over the fast-paced Demon slaying game to VR pretty well, actually. This looks from the outside a game that wouldn’t work well, but somehow they managed to get it to play good and look fairly well for a VR title.

It is quite notorious that most VR titles, especially PSVR titles aren’t that high in resolution. It’s cool to roam the land of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, but it sure does come with its fair of issues, including a heavy drop in resolution. DOOM VFR is also a prime candidate for this problem.

The game looks not nearly as bad as it could have, but once you transport your way into the headset, you will recognize the resolution fairly quickly. However,  once you get adjusted to it, the game really starts to shine.

Gameplay is king and DOOM VFR knows that. At first, controls are hard to get accustomed to. There are a few ways to play the game – PS Move controllers, PS Aim Controller, and even the handy-dandy Dualshock 4.

Getting set up with what controller works best for you will come in time, but I tend to lean to the PS Move controllers as they add the most realistic immersion. Moving each individual gun with the PS Move feels much more satisfying than the PS Aim and the Dualshock 4; however, the Dualshock 4 is a viable option as well.

There is also a couple of different ways to move within the game – small increments on the D-Pad, smooth moving, and the basic teleportation movement. But similar to the controller preference, movement options will come down to personal preference.However, it did take a while to find one that worked with me.

Once figuring your preference, the game starts to heat up. Learning how to successfully clear out a room of demons will become rewarding making you want to push through each of the levels. Players will be treated to a 6-hour campaign filled new missions with familiar enemies and environments.

DOOM VFR is generally a fun game. It brings the high-intensity that we expect from the well-known franchise and adds a whole new element at the same time. However, the game does suffer from some issues, like the noticeable resolution dip and the messy control scheme.

Despite these issues though, the game is a very solid VR game with a ton of replayability. Jump in do some levels, show your friends/ family how cool your new PSVR is, or simply just play the 6 hour campaign for the first time, and you will most definitely have a good time.

Did you pick up DOOM VFR? Was is what you were expecting? Let us know in the comments down below!

Full Disclosure: A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for purposes of this review.

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