2025 Release Year Is Not Impossible! – NSEAVoice

After seeing Fallout 4 turning into a huge success, we can safely assume that Bethesda will develop Fallout 5 in the future to come but when exactly can we expect the sequel to make its debut?

If you ask us, we would say 2025 and this is not some crazy guess at all. If you are to look at Bethesda’s current focus with the Fallout series, they are deeply interested in launching Fallout 4 VR.

The virtual reality version of Fallout 4 was announced a year ago and Bethesda still has nothing complete to show. At this rate, 2019 seems likely to be the year where Fallout 4 VR can hit its stride but it won’t lead to Bethesda shifting their focus to Fallout 5’s development.

This is because Bethesda has got a lot of pending projects at the moment and one of them is the sequel to Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim. Skyrim is a massive game that desperately needs a sequel and Bethesda has barely started anything with it.

On average, Bethesda takes about 3-5 years to develop a massive AAA game and this would put Elder Scrolls 6’s at 2021 as the year where it will get released. As such, Fallout 5 won’t come any earlier than 2025 but we hope to be surprised.

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